What does ERP mean?
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning — these are the systems that we rely on for everything that we do here at Baker College, ranging from admissions to academics, our bookstores and libraries, and virtually everything in between. Ultimately, the goal of ERP is to enable and facilitate the flow of information between all areas, functions, and departments of an organization, as well as connect with outside partners and vendors.
What is Baker Expedition?
The purpose of this initiative is to explore the current and future technology requirements at Baker College. We are currently in the early stages of an RFP process, exploring how best to proceed. A newly formed governance committee is in place to manage this process.
Will this replace our current systems?
We're currently in exploration mode. No decisions will be made about our existing systems until we finish out the RFP phase. Some of our systems may be retained as-is, others may be expanded or enhanced to better integrate with any new solutions that we select as a part of our ERP initiative.
How long will this process take?
This process will not happen overnight. It will take time to explore what is available, gather input from the organization, and evaluate our internal resources before any decisions are made. Once we complete the RFP phase of our plan, it could take two years (or more) to integrate any new systems into our life at Baker College.
What is ERP?  

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